Welcome to Kuawai Technology!

Kuawai Technology is a gaming and spare parts supplier located in Macau. We specialize in gaming machines and refurbishing parts. Our one-stop service will fuel you with high quality and cost effective solutions that will perform for your gaming business needs.

Commitment to Quality

Being a young gaming supplier in Macau, we hope you favor our ability over experience. Kuawai Technology was established in 2010 as a primary source for printed circuit boards for companies requiring customization and components for their electronic machine needs.

As a result of our ongoing commitment to quality, our customers request that we provide additional capabilities to our business to further provide for their tooling needs. In response, we added wholesale buy-sell spare parts, slot machines, machining, installation of management system and refurbishment.

Trusted and Reliable Machines and Parts

With our comprehensive inventory of replacement parts to support your gaming floor, you can be sure of minimum operation disruption to your business, which keeps everyone happy. Stability and coherism also help your company meet mandatory regulatory compliance.

Ultimately, it is about your business’s reputation, which is one of your most important assets.

User friendliness

We have tested and sold over 1000 units of game machines and its parts and user experience is what we focus on, other than pure usability. Such intuitivity is necessary as it is often these accommodations that lead to the growth of customer base.